iTop 1.0.1 released

Taking into account the feedbacks provided by the community, this maintenance release improves iTop on two axis: installation robustness and application usability.

Why upgrade to 1.0.1 ?

This maintenance release fixes a number of usability issues of iTop 1.0:

 Better handling of forms: fields validation and default values handling have been improved
 Support of IE8 and Safari
 Support of IIS
 Support of localized texts in the User Portal

If any of the above items is important for you, don’t hesitate to upgrade your version of iTop.


Agora iTop fala português!

Volunteers are always welcome to contribute to localizations.

Bug fixes

About thirty bugs have been fixed to make this release even easier to install and use on various configurations. Check the release note for the full server/browser compatibility matrix.

What’s next

Combodo plans to release the next version of iTop during the first quarter of 2011. The next version will support plug-ins for tight integration with third-party applications like Nagios. The plug-in API will open the door to your contributions.

Visit the iTop website:


Special thanks

 Bruno Bonfils for his guidance about LDAP and authentication.

 Randall Badilla Castro for the Spanish translation.

 Jonathan Lucas and David Gumbel from ITOMIG Gmbh, for the German translation.

 Christian Lempereur and Olivier Fouquet for their feedbacks.

 Everaldo Coelho and the Oxygen Team for their wonderful icons.

 The JQuery team and the all the jQuery plugins authors for developing such a powerful library.

 Phil Eddies for the numerous feedbacks provided.

 Marco Tulio for the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation

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