iTop 1.1 released

The release 1.1 of iTop is now available for downloading.

Download iTop 1.1

What’s new in 1.1?

 Data synchronization - iTop now integrates a powerful tool for integration with external applications. Read more about data synchronization in the (new) wiki

 Bulk actions - You can now edit several items or close several tickets in one operation.

 Edition of tickets - The forms layout has changed to improve usability. Case logs now keep track and display the time stamp of each entry.

- Performance improvement - iTop is now taking advantage of the APC cache. Depending on your configuration this can make a significant difference.
 Localization - iTop is now available in Italian (thanks to Marialaura Colantoni) and Hungarian (thanks to Gabor Kiss). Have a look at the iTop localization page to see the current localization progress and how to contribute. - Minor changes - 40 minor enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented.
 Browser support - Internet Explorer 9 in now supported.
 Documentation - iTop Wiki is available. For the moment, it focuses on use cases (installation, integration and customization). On the long run, this wiki aims at being the access point for all the reference documentation.

For the complete list of changes and bug fixes, have a look at the README file.

How to upgrade?

Install iTop into a new directory and run the installation wizard to upgrade to the new version.

What’s next?

The next release will be a maintenance release. It should include new localizations and bug fixing. It is expected for July or sooner.

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