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iTop is an open source software that grows thanks to its community: iTop users all around the world provide translations, peer support and extensions. Combodo created iTop Hub to federate this community, improve its focus and efficiency.

Access to a store of iTop extensions!

iTop was thought to be functionally broaden with extensions.
Formerly only available on the wiki, extensions are now displayed in a store along with their detailed description, their respective documentation, a compatibility check tool and automated installations!
Going through technical steps is not mandatory to install extensions anymore, this process is now faster and easier.

Easily manage your iTop instances and extensions

iTop Hub also offers instances and extensions management tools. It is now possible to conduct grouped installations or compare configurations between multiple iTop instances.
Those tools, along with a personalized display of information, enable a simplified management of iTop instances and their extensions.

All iTop contents gathered on one platform!

All the content you need about iTop is now accessible - and personalized - on iTop Hub!
It is a single entry point that facilitates your documentary research and allows a faster learning process.

Contribute to the iTop community!

As a major growth lever, the community is necessary to iTop’s development. This is why iTop Hub offers, and will always offer, more products and services to its community!
Sharing and contribution possibilities are among the Hub development priorities. The Hub is meant to become iTop champions’ reference platform.