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Dear community members,

We are pleased to announce the release of iTop 2.7.7, which includes support for OAuth authentication for Gmail and Office 365, the correction of 13 bugs and 6 security vulnerabilities.

Download iTop 2.7.7

All details of these fixes and improvements are in the version logs.

iTop 2.7.7 adapts to OAuth email authentication

It is now possible to connect to a SMTP server in standard or via OAuth for Gmail and Office 365, following the announcement of Google and Microsoft to allow only connections via OAuth for security reasons.

For more details you can refer to our documentation.

Summer extensions

OAuth impacts on extensions

Mail to ticket automation

We have updated the extension to use Oauth authentication for IMAP in addition to basic authentication.

⚠️If you use Mail to ticket automation extension and if you need to use Oauth, you will have to upgrade to iTop 2.7.7 (or 3.0.2 available in September)

User actions configurator
It is now possible to copy a standard mailbox to an OAuth compatible mailbox.

Computer Telephony Integration

Nothing could be easier than having all the customer information right in front of you when you receive an incoming call.

That is the promise of this new extension, which links iTop to any CTI system which can open a URL.

Want to learn more? Just watch our webinar replay

And 14 extensions have been updated, including some to ensure iTop 3.0 compatibility.