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09/04/2020 Tags : iTop

Dear Community,
We are pleased to announce that 2.7 version of iTop is now available !

What’s new in iTop 2.7 ?

The features provided by version 2.7 of iTop are as follows :

  • User portal

The ergonomics of the user portal have been improved :

- We have made navigation between the different screens easier by reducing the number of clicks
- It is now possible to navigate from one object to another
- You can share the link to a ticket with colleagues, a support team, or customers

Finally, we have added new possibilities to create more intuitive and secure interfaces for portal developers on iTop.

  • Application upgrade

It will now be possible to update the iTop code with an administrator profile by uploading a zip file, without connecting to the server.

  • Authentication

In this new version of iTop, we have added the possibilities to:

- Authenticate your iTop users with a Single Sign On system such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google…

- Automate the creation of a user when connecting to iTop for the first time
- Customize the log in/ log off forms so that they highlight the graphic charter of your company
- Define security policies for user passwords

  • Look and feel

You can now more easily customize the look of iTop to match your company standards.

  • Attachments

Optimize the management of your attachments in iTop by sorting and displaying them with more complete information.

We hope you will enjoy this new version of iTop !