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iTop customization

This course is for people who will be responsible to customize iTop datamodel and/or features.
The course is based on 30% of practical exercises which allows to use methods taught by the instructor.
The exercises are based on concrete cases of implementation such as the modeling of a cluster of servers or the adaption of the workflows operating ticket management.

Course details

Course Objectives
  • Customize iTop database data model
  • Adapt iTop features to correspond to specific process requirements
  • Know how to change UI layout
  • Customize iTop user portal
Teaching method
  • This course is based on case studies
  • Theory: 70%
  • Practical: 30%
  • Application manager
  • Business process owner


  • 5 onlines sessions of 2 hours
  • 4 hours of personal exercises
  • Participants must be knowledgeable with iTop CMDB and/or ITSM courses

Course agenda

iTop introduction
  • iTop customization concepts presentation
  • XML manual edition versus ITSM Designer usage
Using the ITSM Designer
  • Operating principles
  • Instances management
  • Move to production
Customizing the data model
  • Using the iTop developer toolkit
  • Object class creation
  • Attributes creation/modification
  • Relations management
Modifying the data presentation
  • Menu addition / modification
  • Dashboard creation
  • Changing pages layout
Impact analysis management
  • Rules definition
  • Rules setup
  • Systems redundancy control
Workflows customization
  • Ticket life cycle management
  • Time counter setup, start-stop rules
User groups management
  • User profiles definition
  • User rights definition
  • Grant matrix
iTop extensions
  • Modules and extensions concepts
  • iTop versions management
  • Anticipate versioning potential issues
Create reports with iTop
  • Excel and iTop web requests
  • Views in SQL
  • Integration with a tool of "Business Intelligence"
iTop Architecture
  • Understand the iTop architecture
  • ORM: Object Relational Model
Customize iTop
  • Add / Edit an attribute or relationship
  • Create a new item
  • Modify the display of an element
  • Change workflow
  • Add menus / dashboards
Customize iTop user portal
  • New bricks setup
  • Forms management
  • Data access control


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