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This course is for people who will be responsible for iTop functional implementation and management aimed at a service delivery utilization.

The course is based on 40% of practical exercises which allows to use methods taught by the instructor.

The exercises are based on concrete cases of implementation such as the incident management from a ticket created from an email or from the portal until its resolution by an agent.

Course details

Course Objectives
  • Understand iTop concepts
  • Know how to use service management functions (Incidents, User requests)
Teaching method
  • This course is based on case studies
  • Theory: 70%
  • Practical: 30%
  • Application manager


  • 5 online sessions of 2 hours
  • 4 hours of personal exercises
  • Participants must be knowledgeable with SQL and data modeling; Linux and MySQL; PHP and XML

Course agenda

iTop introduction
  • iTop concepts presentation
Understand and use of the Service Catalog
  • Service Management
  • SLA Management
  • Contract Management
Import data to iTop
  • Import concepts
  • Massive import management
  • Troubleshoot Import issues
Helpdesk implementation
  • Incidents and User Requests Management
  • SLA thresholds calculation
  • Public and Private logs
  • Request templates
  • Approval processes
User Portal
  • User portal utilization
  • Portal presentation capabilities
iTop data model
  • Data model concepts et definitions
  • Navigate through the Data model
  • Organizations, locations and contacts management
  • Database audit
OQL query language
  • Definitions
  • OQL vs SQL
  • Execute and test OQL queries
Reporting with iTop data
  • Variants to create reports
  • Query phrasebook
  • Excel report example
  • SQL views of iTop
Notification management
  • “Triggers” et “Actions”
  • Notifications and alerts testing


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