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Today represents a new step for our iTop Hub marketplace : the sales of extensions.

Understanding your needs and meeting your expectations are our priorities, and we are already working on the next features to enhance your iTop.

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Use code HUB50 to get 50% off your entire order through the 20th of February.

Five new extensions have been added to iTop Hub Store !

Enhanced Global Search

Perform faster and more accurate searches thanks to this extension that adjusts relevance using indexation.
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Notify On Expiration

Do not miss a deadline with Notify On Expiration. You receive a notification when the ending date of a contract or a license is about to be reached.
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Treat VIP user requests as they deserve to be ! This extension allows you to flag VIPs in your CMDB and adjust the priority level of their tickets.
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Calendar Invitations

Quickly and easily send meeting requests to your customers or colleagues for actions or events in iTop.
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Auto dispatch ticket to a team

Increase your productivity by automatically sending tickets to teams, based on configurable dispatch rules.
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New updates available !
New updates containing bug fixes are now available for 13 extensions.

Extension allows you to enhance the features of your iTop. A catalog of extensions is available in iTop Hub Store. This catalog offers a compatibility check tool and an automated installation of all extensions.