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Extensions updated for iTop 3.0

15/03/2022 Tags : iTop

Dear Community Members,

March comes with a new extension to handle SSO via SAML, and with the update of 15 extensions to ensure compatibility with iTop 3.0.

15 updated iTop extensions

15 extensions have been updated to ensure compatibility with iTop 3.0. These new versions allow migration to the latest version of iTop.

Alarm console
Bulk event management
Approval process light
Data synchronization dashboard
Follow up forms without authentication
Global Request Management
IFrame Dashlet
Personal data anonymizer
Project Management Light
Project Management Extended
Sharing base
Workflow graphical view
The TeemIP extensions including DHCP Management have also been updated.

Moreover, Catalog of procedures is now available in German and Data archiver simple in Spanish.

SSO authentication with SAML

This new extension allows you to configure SSO with SAML protocol authentication, integrating the php-saml library.

You want to discover, or rediscover one of these extensions, they are available on the Hub iTop.


Updated extensions available on iTop Hub Store !

07/07/2021 Tags : iTop

We are pleased to announce that updates are now available for the following extensions :

  • Mail to ticket automation version 3.3.1 avoids ticket replication by moving email in mail folder and keeping email replicas after processing
  • Data collector for LDAP version 1.2.7 handles page limit above 1000
  • Customized request forms version 2.2.0 allows to display a field depending on the value of another template field
  • Enhanced global search version 1.1.4 prevents indexation concurrency and other fixes around index computation
  • Time tracking version 2.2.1 adds possibility to clone a TimeSpent and handles TimeSpent mandatory fields in calendar creation

New extensions available on iTop Hub and release of iTop 2.7.1 !

09/07/2020 Tags : iTop TeemIP

Dear Community,

iTop 2.7.1 is now available

Today, we are releasing version 2.7.1 of iTop which fixes over 50 bugs.

Download iTop 2.7.1

Access Change Log

Two new extensions are available on the iTop Hub store !

We are very happy to announce that two new extensions have been added to the iTop Hub Store !

Assign to me
Save some time by assigning the ticket to the agent currently connected.
This feature can be deployed for any kind of ticket.
Get the extension

DNS Zone Management
Add DNS dimension to your CMDB
This extension is for network administrators who whish to extend their IP management to DNS.
Get the extension

We hope you will enjoy these new extensions.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us !


iTop 2.7 is released !

09/04/2020 Tags : iTop

Dear Community,
We are pleased to announce that 2.7 version of iTop is now available !

What’s new in iTop 2.7 ?

The features provided by version 2.7 of iTop are as follows :

  • User portal

The ergonomics of the user portal have been improved :

- We have made navigation between the different screens easier by reducing the number of clicks
- It is now possible to navigate from one object to another
- You can share the link to a ticket with colleagues, a support team, or customers

Finally, we have added new possibilities to create more intuitive and secure interfaces for portal developers on iTop.

  • Application upgrade

It will now be possible to update the iTop code with an administrator profile by uploading a zip file, without connecting to the server.

  • Authentication

In this new version of iTop, we have added the possibilities to:

- Authenticate your iTop users with a Single Sign On system such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google…

- Automate the creation of a user when connecting to iTop for the first time
- Customize the log in/ log off forms so that they highlight the graphic charter of your company
- Define security policies for user passwords

  • Look and feel

You can now more easily customize the look of iTop to match your company standards.

  • Attachments

Optimize the management of your attachments in iTop by sorting and displaying them with more complete information.

We hope you will enjoy this new version of iTop !

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