Try the new iTop 1.1 Beta!

The release 1.1 Beta of iTop is now available for testing.

[Download iTop 1.1]

What's new in 1.1 Beta?

  • Data synchronization - iTop now integrates a powerful tool for integration with external applications. Read more about data synchronization in the (new) wiki
  • Bulk actions - You can now edit several items or close several tickets in one operation.
  • Edition of tickets - The forms layout has changed to improve usability. Case logs now keep track and display the time stamp of each entry.
  • Performance improvement - iTop is now taking advantage of the APC cache. Depending on your configuration this can make a significant difference.

For the complete list of changes and bug fixes, have a look at the README file.

How to upgrade?

Install iTop into a new directory and run the installation wizard to upgrade to the new version.

What's next?

  • Combodo will provide soon some tooling to help in updating the localized versions.
  • The release candidate is expected for the beginning of May.

Feel free to download and install iTop 1.1 Beta, if you like the application don't hesitate to give us a 'Thumb up' on SourceForge!

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