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For assurance in maintenance and usage tips

Looking for an ITSM solution offering guarantee and support of quality?

Contact Combodo

Combodo offers daily support to ensure the correct operation and durability of your IT management solution.

Why Combodo?

  • Your contacts are the creators of the iTop project
  • Over 10 years experience in IT management application support.

- Combodo guarantees your iTop solution

Response to everything

Your iTop solution will change as and when your requirements change. Combodo support contracts include assistance in setting, use or customization. Ask any question, we will provide the answer.

Correction of defects

We pay the utmost attention to providing high quality products but are unfortunately not entirely exempt from the odd bug. Having a Combodo support contract enables us to apply corrective or preventive maintenance to your solution by benefiting from all the cases encountered by all customers.

In order not to fall behind

No customization of iTop is linked to a particular version of the application. Combodo supports its customers in the update of solutions to benefit from the latest improvements.

Choose the level of support you need

Bronze Silver Gold
Access to helpdesk web, email * web, email * web, email, phone *
Assistance per year 5h * 10h * 20h *
Demand delay to be accounted 4 working days * 2 working days * 1 working day *
Release upgrade 1h once a year * 2h twice a year * 4h twice a year *
Maintenance unlimited * unlimited * unlimited *
Critical incident delay to be accounted 1 working day 4 hours 2 hours
Major incident delay to be accounted 2 working days 1 working day 4 hours
Minor incident delay to be accounted 4 working days 2 working days 1 working day

Our teams help you from 9:00am to 18:00pm (CET) working days

* Minimum support time of 30min per ticket

Contact us

If you are not a Combodo customer, the recommended way to get some support about iTop is via the SourceForge Forums. If you don’t get any answer from the community, you may leave us a message using the form below. Be aware that Combodo has no committment to answer such support questions. Combodo only offers some "best effort" support as a courtesy to the community.

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