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iTop "Boot camp" training

At the end of this course, you will be able to administer and maintain the application iTop, manage users, import and synchronize data, define notifications and audit rules. As an administrator, you will learn to install the application and fine tune Apache, PHP and MySql parameters. You also learn how to customize the data model to adapt iTop your needs. In just 3 days of training, you will be able to customize iTop and put into production in a production environment.

This course includes classroom instruction and exercises to help you use iTop effectively.

Course details

Course Objectives
  • Install iTop
  • Manage users and profiles
  • Understand the data model
  • Learn the OQL language
  • Implement notifications
  • Import and synchronize data with third party applications
  • Manage auditing rules
  • Create reports
  • Customize iTop and adapt it to your needs
Teaching method
  • This course is based on case studies
  • Theory: 60%
  • Practical: 40%
  • System Engineers
  • iTop administrators
  • Developers


  • 3 consecutive days
  • System Knowledge (apache, linux or windows ...)
  • SQL and Mysql Knowledge
  • PHP and XML Knowledge

Course agenda

ITop install
  • Prerequisite MySql, PHP and Apache
  • Installation of iTop
Manage users and profiles
  • Definition of profiles
  • Create an iTop user
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Restrict Access
The data model iTop
  • The concepts of the data model
  • Navigating in the data model
The OQL language
  • OQL vs SQL
  • Execute OQL queries
Implement notifications
  • The concepts of Notification in iTop
  • Create triggers and actions
  • Test and troubleshoot notifications
Importing and Synchronizing Data
  • Import data from Excel sheets
  • Synchronization and data federation
Implement audit rules
  • Principles of Auditing
  • Create audit categories and rules
  • Troubleshoot audit
Backup and Restore
  • Bakup iTop
  • Restore a backup
Create reports with iTop
  • Excel and iTop web requests
  • Views in SQL
  • Integration with a tool of "Business Intelligence"
iTop Architecture
  • Understand the iTop architecture
  • ORM: Object Relational Model
Customize iTop
  • Add / Edit an attribute or relationship
  • Create a new item
  • Modify the display of an element
  • Change workflow
  • Add menus / dashboards
Create a new module
  • Define a new module
  • Package a new module
  • Update iTop


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