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Customer cases

Constantly renewed trust

Since Combodo was created in 2010, the number of customers who trust us just keeps on growing. Look in the examples below for a case that looks like you. If you want to testify your experience please contact us.


Alptis operates within the stringent compliance requirements of the insurance industry and the expectations of its clients, partners and employees.

The wholesale broker has chosen the iTop open source solution to manage its information systems using the ITIL method and guarantee the quality of service delivered to internal and external users.

Customer testimonial

"iTop is userfriendly, intuitive, and easy to customise and implement.

The system enables you to advance in a series of jumps. That’s one of the best practices that Combodo highlighted during the ‘user days’, and it ties in with our approach to ITIL"

Jean-Christophe Mercier — Head of the Architecture and Production Unit, Alptis

AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria)

Since 2013 AMA manages 21,000 CI and operates a 180-person service center for all user requests. The implementation of iTop contributed to obtaining the ISO 20000 and 27001 certifications. Since 2014, problem management and change is carried out using iTop. AMA is supported by ITOMIG, Combodo’s longterm German partner.

Customer testimonial

"Through its comprehensive approach that focuses on CMDB, the tool was able to convince not only the IT department but also the specialized department involved in decisions at AMA.

This new approach for AMA, starts with importing all assets into the tool and then building on this basis to develop the process, helped open internal debates on how to manage AMA assets in the future."

Gerhard Dyduch — Treasurer of ADV and head of IT, AMA

Bechtle AG

Customer testimonial

"We are using the most modern components and technologies in our datacenters. With the support of ITOMIG GmbH, we have managed to implement in a very short time our high demands concerning the mapping of our IT infrastrucure in iTop."

Luigi Tortora — Team Leader Infastructure Datacenter


Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit customer needs and provide the desired results. Capgemini uses iTop in-house to develop its outsourcing services.

Council of Europe

Customer testimonial

The tool’s flexibility as well as its powerful data synchronisation interfaces from external sources allowed us to implement a CMDB that meets our needs entirely.
The collaboration with Combodo and their partner ITOMIG GmbH was very professional.

Jean-François BILGER — IT Security

Deutsche Bahn AG

Customer testimonial

Using iTop, we were able to build within weeks a production-capable prototype that exceeded, from its very first version on, large parts of the capabilities of our existing system. Thanks to the excellent support by ITOMIG GmbH and the cooperative way of working together, we were able to implement even complex requirements and to tailor the tool to our needs, without modifying core functionalities.

Melvin Zinngrebe — Product Owner Vending Machine Operation


Euromaster manages all of its central IT infrastructure using iTop with a team of 25 people. This represents 350 virtual machines, and about 1,000 software components to describe the 30 business applications. iTop enables Euromaster to better manage the impact of an incident among users of IT.


Service company and software publisher, Hardis uses the iTop CMBD function to document the infrastructure of its data centers and customers. This represents 7,000 CIs including 400 servers and 1,600 virtual machines, 350 items of network equipment, 7,000 contacts and 2,500 records in the knowledge base. The Hardis teams also use all other ITSM functions to manage more than 400 customers. Support teams manage 3,500 tickets on average per month.

Customer testimonial

« We were looking for a solution that could keep pace with our growth. We chose iTop because it’s scalable: it’s very easy to integrate new data.

In the event of an incident or maintenance operation on a server, we determine very quickly what applications, customers, contracts and people are affected, and so we can react in the most effective way. »

AZ — Service Level Manager, Hardis Group


Customer testimonial

"The decision for iTop was not particularily hard for MPG, as the product fullfilled all functional criteria and thus recieved high scores in the evaluation, and also was ahead of the field with regard to support costs. MPG was supported by ITOMIG GmbH from Böblingen, the German partner of the software’s vendor."

Otfried Köllhofer — Head of Division IT Infrastructure& Applications, MPG Generalverwaltung

Netrics AG

Swiss company Netrics Basel AG markets BtoB connectivity and IT infrastructure solutions.
To boost its service quality and enhance the efficiency of its field technical teams, Netrics
decided to set up a configuration management database (CMDB) using iTop.

Customer testimonial

iTop stands head and shoulders above the competition: we knew straight away that it was the right tool for us!

Not just because it offers a high degree of customisation, but also because it is an open-source solution”.

Thierry Prudat — Technical Manager, Netrics Basel AG,

Neurones IT

Neurones-IT supports its customers throughout the development of their Information Systems and is active in all areas related to Infrastructures and Production Application Management. The Neurones-IT service center is operated using iTop with satellite instances among customers for automatic transfer of tickets.


Outsourcing company in Burgundy, Proxival uses iTop to manage all of the services provided to customers who are mainly SMBs. The Proxival teams use Helpdesk, CMDB and service catalogue functions for 3000 PCs and printers, 80 services, 1,500 contacts and 1,000 tickets per month.

Saint Gobain

Saint-Gobain uses the iTop helpdesk function for managing user requests for the distribution of application packages worldwide. This solution is used by all Saint-Gobain IT teams. The solution was implemented to replace a solution developed on the basis of Remedy ARS. Saint Gobain manages 200 requests per month.


Veepee, a telecom outsourcing company in Paris, subsidiary of the SPIE group, uses iTop to manage all of the services provided to its customers. The Veepee teams use Helpdesk, CMDB, Incident, Change and Service Catalogue functions. Support teams manage an average of 500 tickets per month for 250 customers and 30 services.


Customer testimonial

After looking for an ITSM solution, our choice naturally went to iTop that, thanks to its high customization capacity, enabled us to implement - without any difficulty - all the specifities of our activity.
Besides, its APIs allowed us to import a large part of our history, which had been another decisive asset upon our final choice.

Karl Vernet — IT System Administrator


Customer testimonial

«I am very satisfied with the knowledge transfer in the iTop training of ITOMIG GmbH. The trainer was very experienced and managed to impart even very complex topics. We now use iTop in production.»

Torsten Noack — IT-Administration