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A standalone application or an iTop integrated extension module

TeemIP is the IP space management solution

Offer your customers a professional and economically viable approach to cope with the complexity of managing IP addresses. TeemIP has a CMDB and service management functions to industrialize the daily tasks of network administrators.

A simple tool dedicated to the management of the IP space (IPAM)

TeemIP is the IP referential including IP address management services

The proliferation of connected systems and objects is a source of complexity in IP management. The importance of the network for relations with customers, suppliers or partners and in-house operation make it a critical system. However few companies are equipped with an automated and integrated business solution that guarantees control of the IP environment and the provision of network address management services. TeemIP, an open source IPAM application, is the solution to reduce the cost and improve the services provided by your network team.


IP Referential

Management of IPv4 and IPv6 addressing plans: blocks of IPs, subnets, ranges, IPs. Manages overlapping of spaces and delegation of IP block management to third party organizations

Domain Name Management

Documents the domain names and their hierarchical organization

Configurable network oriented CMDB

Manages VLANs, WAN links, AS numbers and VRFs. Documents the equipment that can be connected to a network and their relations with the address space

Request Management

A simple process to request the allocation, change or liberation of an IP address or subnet

Portal users

Provides users with an easy way to record and track their requests related to subnets and addresses

Stand-alone or integrated into iTop

TeemIP can operate as a standalone IPAM application, or constitute a dedicated module encapsulated in iTop

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