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ITSM Designer

programming-free iTop customization

Save time and secure iTop adaptations

ITSM Designer is a graphical workbench for iTop customization

Processes, infrastructure management and services requirements are constantly evolving. The iTop solution must be easily scalable to customer expectations or to new markets. The ITSM Designer is a FabLab / DevOps type agile environment that can graphically design the proposed changes, test them in real conditions then move into production if they meet expectations. The time savings are demonstrable. Security of changes is guaranteed by the consistency checks performed by the ITSM Designer.

Customize iTop graphically, without being a programmer

The ITSM Designer is easy to use to make iTop a custom application guaranteed by Combodo

No problem if the technologies used by iTop (PHP, XML, MySQL, etc.) are not mastered within your team. You can customize the iTop application both in its interface (logo, presentation of web pages) and in the fields you want to manage in the database. The ITSM Designer is a graphical environment connected to your iTop to design, test and rollout to production your customizations without having to be a programmer.

Give the ability to operational experts to tailor services to the business needs

The ITSM Designer is the accelerator of the IT transformation

To track, or even anticipate ever faster changes required by users, the IT team has to be agile and not be locked into complex solutions to make changes. The ITSM Designer includes design, confirmation and operations in one single software engineering shop that will upgrade your service management and iTop CMDB immediately. All changes created using the ITSM Designer are guaranteed by Combodo in forward compatibility and are open source, non-proprietary, providing independence from the publisher.


Graphic editing of the data model

Adding classes and attributes, confirmation and relationships rules

Customizing workflows

Creation of reports, timers and transition rules for each type of ticket

Managing user profiles

Defining user groups and managing their access rights and updating object classes

Designing user pages

Managing data layout with variable presentation rules

Application Logo

Application name and logo customization

Real life test

Confirmation of the proposed changes on a copy of production data


Control of steps in development environments, integration and production

SaaS 24/7 access, security

Web application hosted by Combodo, no customer data is stored by ITSM Designer

Graphic customization capabilities : two versions

ITSM DesignerITSM Designer Pro
Adding a field - -
Adding a relationship - -
Adding a class in the CMDB - -
Editing / Adding guidelines - -
Changing the logo - -
Adding a class in the data model -
Creating / Editing a profile -
Adding a state in the life cycle -

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If you are not a Combodo customer, the recommended way to get some support about iTop is via the SourceForge Forums. If you don’t get any answer from the community, you may leave us a message using the form below. Be aware that Combodo has no committment to answer such support questions. Combodo only offers some "best effort" support as a courtesy to the community.

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