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Govern the IT environment

Do you know the impact of IT changes on business activity?

You are in control of a complex system made up of a multitude of tangible and intangible elements, from the electrical outlet to critical business processes. Information is dispersed, sometimes difficult to share and occasionally questioned as to its accuracy.

Thus the inventory of the infrastructure, software and services is imperative. Its value is increased by tracking relationships between all the components and the preservation of the historical developments for each.

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Consolidation of data from all sources

  • The iTop synchronization engine automates the data update from external sources
  • No more Excel files, document the technical and organizational environment in a common referential from a variety of sources

Managing relations

  • Setting the dependency rules between all components
  • Analyzing the impact of an element on key business functions

Time saving

  • Be faster in analyzing events and troubleshooting
  • Access directly, and for each component, the history and detail of each modification

Graphic customization of the CMDB

  • The iTop data model is adaptable to manage information that is important to you
  • The Combodo ITSM Designer tool saves time by making adjustments without programming
Environnement informatique iTop

Data audit

  • Checking the consistency of data
  • Identifying information gaps

Communicate wisely

  • Automatically informing those affected by a change
  • Linking similar incidents to solve them simultaneously