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Editor of ITSM open source solutions

Combodo is an editor of ITSM open source solutions. In addition to our business as an editor, we advise and assist companies in ITIL to improve their services and better control their information system.

Fruit of the experience of its three founders, created in 2010, Combodo developed to meet the needs of ITSM operational teams in charge of IT infrastructure or assistance. Today Combodo offers three solutions: iTop, TeemIP and ITSM designer.

Designed for all IT services, small structures to large customers, our products are open source alternatives to market giants and offers known to be rigid and expensive.

Our main objectives are to combine ease of use and pragmatic tools by providing flexible and affordable solutions to businesses of all sizes.

In constant growth, we are continuously improving our products day after day, to allow each company to respond to the new requirements of its market.

Our values

  • Satisfying our customers by enabling them to save considerable time every day in managing their IT assets
  • Allowing all types of structures and budgets, access to a fast and effective ITSM solution
  • Be passionate, enjoy what we are doing: the best way to excel

Developers’ Office

Denis - Cofounder, COO & Developer

«My goal: to make iTop become the first free, industrial and professional ITSM solution.»

Romain - Cofounder, CTO & Developer

«Innovative ideas arise foolish, grow in the confrontation of perspectives and establish themselves through their usefulness

Guillaume - Developer

«To infinity and beyond !»

Support & Consultants’ Office

Erwan - Cofounder, CEO & Consultant

«My aim: Allow all ISD, regardless of their size and budget, to implement the best ITIL practices

Christophe - Consultant

«But more importantly, never take ourselves too seriously !»

Axelle - Consultant

«Combodo, it’s different skills for one desire: for iTop to become essential in companies !»

Marie - Support Engineer

«Proud to be working with an innovative, bright and human team.»

Business & Marketing’s Office

Alain - Business Manager

«My colleagues say that I have a unique style. I love british humor, jazz and good wine. And also, participate passionately to Combodo’s project.»

Léonie - Marketing Manager

«There is nothing more stimulating than to contribute to an innovative project with an highly competent team