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HelpDesk Software: Definition and criteria of the help desk with iTop

The Helpdesk is the brand image of your IT department.

Also known as the service center, it is the main point of contact between the IT department and users. Different means of access are available, the phone via a call center, e-mail, internet or web portal.

The Helpdesk responds to requests from users. Depending on the difficulty level, technicians may provide an answer or forward the request to a specialist.

In addition to its vocation to solve problems, the Helpdesk must ensure that no request is lost or left unanswered.
Your challenges are to define the services you provide in terms of content and commitment, to industrialize their production and adopt a continuous improvement initiative over their quality.

Your Helpdek with iTop
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Utilisateur helpdesk

Service Catalog

  • Document all IT services
  • Define the performance commitments (SLAs)
  • Schedule service times and holidays

Various means of access

  • Give users access to a simplified portal
  • Suggest solutions from the knowledge base
  • Automatically create tickets from e-mail
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Centralized view of tickets

  • Ticket access by technician or by team
  • Ticket transfer in case of erroneous qualification
  • Move up to a level 2 team or higher

Automatic calculation of priorities

  • iTop sets the priority of tickets depending on the impact and urgency for the user
  • iTop determines the due time for taking into account and solution as per commitments (SLA)
Centre de service et d’assistance Help desk

Automated communication

  • Discussion through public and private logs
  • Automatically notify contacts
  • Save time with model answers

Measurement of SLAs

  • Define dynamic dashboards
  • Steer activity reports automatically
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Satisfaction measurement

  • Create advanced satisfaction surveys
  • Ask the user easily via the web
  • Analyze the results