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Manage the quality of services

Total Quality Control is not a new concern for the IT department but it rarely addressed systematically.

Expectations are always higher and resources more constrained. So it is important to adopt a continuous improvement initiative to avoid the subjectivity of the performance of services rendered.
ITOP offers tools to define a service catalog and quantify the activities of the IT team.

To go further, the iTop satisfaction surveys module shows the extent of user experience and so, to take a step back and measure the progress of an improvement process.

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Catalogue de services informatiques

Service Catalog

  • Describe your services rendered by families, categories and subcategories
  • Match existing services in various customer contracts as per your commitments

Fulfillment of engagements

  • iTop automatically distributes incoming requests to the various teams or individuals
  • Simplify and promote dialogue by identifying escalation rules between teams
Gérer la qualité des services informatiques
Gestion du temps du service informatique

Time management

  • Set your services, vacation and national holiday schedules
  • During the processing of tickets, iTop measures the time passed and checks the deadlines depending on the customer, the contract and the type of request

Customer satisfaction

  • At the closure of each ticket, requestor’s satisfaction is evaluated
  • iTop provides a function for creating and tracking customer satisfaction surveys whose criteria may relate to the CMDB, tickets, or services
Satisfaction client du service informatique
Performance IT

Visualizing Performance

  • iTop enables you to customize guidelines based on the profiles of the IT team
  • Dynamic guidelines are presented in graphs or lists with visual alerts depending on the status of the ticket
  • To analyze trends, simply export the data to Excel or a Business Intelligence tool