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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use iTop freely?

Yes, you can download the community version from SourceForge

Are iTop free and paid versions different?

No, iTop core application is unique. However, Combodo enriched packages with additional features are not free of charge.

What is an iTop subscription?

It is a contract that includes a product package with software maintenance (bug fix), user assistance services at a bronze, silver or gold level and the access right to the ITSM Designer.

Is the open source, free, community version bounded?

No, the iTop community version does not limit the number of users of the number of CIs within the CMDB

Are there any license costs to use iTop?

No, iTop does not have any user license costs

Who controls iTop development?

Combodo is the software company editing iTop. Developers are Combodo engineers. The reference community version is published by Combodo on SourceForge

Why choose iTop?

Because it’s top and because of Combodo’s unique style

What are the largest iTop references?

In 2020, our largest installations are a CMDB of 200 000 CIs and a service center managing 25 000 tickets monthly

How can I have access to the ITSM Designer?

It is part of the Essential or Professional subscriptions

Is there free support for iTop?

You can ask functional and technical questions from the SourceForge website. The SLA is based on willingness and best effort from the user community