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By your side to ­empower your team and bring your ­customer service to another level

Operate your services with reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction

iTop adapts to the needs of digital businesses (infrastructure or application service providers, software, telecom) to manage multiple customers, contracts and SLAs

iTop is the hub to build a single solution that covers various customers while protecting the confidentiality essential to every organization.

Designed by experienced IT service professionals, iTop has been created to manage the complexity of shared infrastructures. iTop gives you the ability to analyze the impact of an incident or a change on the various services and contracts that you have to fulfil.

iTop is at the heart of operational activities for service centers. By establishing a single repository shared by all teams, iTop allows you to define offerings that can fit each customer.

iTop Satellites offers the ability to synchronize a central control center (your iTop) with several remote customer instances so to provide them a custom local solution linked with your operations.

Ready to use Helpdesk and IT configurations management solution that can extend and grow

iTop is a free software for managing hardware, software and associated services. No license nor limitations, the community version is 100% functional

iTop is designed for small IT teams. Its ease of implementation quickly enables you to centralize data about devices, softwares, users, locations, etc. The Helpdesk module will help you to track and process all requests timely and professionally.

iTop is a collaborative tool that offers the ability to respond better and faster. The community version of iTop, free of charge and not limited, is also the core of extended packages with more specific features.

Combodo, the editor of iTop, and its partners offer training, consulting and support to companies who wish to set up a solution quickly.

Customizable, easy to integrate, fast ROI and investment protection, iTop is the ERP of the CIO

Without programming, iTop is a customizable ITSM and CMDB web solutionwhich can be integrated into complex environments

At the core of iTop, the CMDB data model is a modifiable and extendable repository for recording all the technical, functional and organizational components and relations within your information system.

Connection to multiple data sources is easy. The essential information quality is ensured by the data synchronization engine and a built-in user defined audit rules. Managing relationships between components enables a graphical impact analysis so to inform targeted contacts of incidents, changes or events.


Customizable CMDB

A shared referential, from the electrical outlet to the business solution, the CMDB is the tool to control the technical, organizational and human environment.

Customizable Workflow

The life cycle of the tickets or the list of tasks to perform for the achievement of a process can be set to fit each organization


Each member of the IT team can define their control screens with the information that is relevant to them


For the daily management of service provision activities. Multi-level, multi teams, in-house or externally

User Portal

Gives users a simple way to formulate intervention requests and to follow progress

Change management

To track all changes to the SI, from a simple routine patch to the start of production. A CAB reference to present the schedule, anticipate the impact and prepare users

Problem Management

To avoid repetition of incidents, the problem management module is the analysts' tool, contributing to the pool of knowledge for common mistakes

Incident Management

Incident monitoring, link with SI components, cascading resolution and information of all users involved


Users can search the knowledge base or set of FAQs to solve the most common cases

Features table

Community Combodo Products
Professional / Enterprise
Custom CMDB - - -
Configuration, contact, organization management - - -
User request management - - -
Incident management - - -
Problem management - - -
Change management - - -
CSV and Excel import/export - - -
Data synchronization engine - - -
Graphical impact analysis - - -
Configurable notifications - - -
Working schedule management   - -
Automatic eMail replies   - -
Ticket creation and update by eMail   - -
Approbation rules   Simple Configurable
Pre-canned replies     -
User satisfaction surveys     -
User request templates     -
ITSM Designer - CMDB customization   - -
ITSM Designer Pro - Workflows and profiles personnalization     -

FAQ - Questions & answers

Is the open source, free, community version bounded?

No, the iTop community version does not limit the number of users of the number of CIs within the CMDB

Can I use iTop freely?

Yes, you can download the community version from SourceForge

What is an iTop subscription?

It is a contract that includes a product package with software maintenance (bug fix), user assistance services at a bronze, silver or gold level and the access right to the ITSM Designer.

Why choose iTop?

Because it’s top and because of Combodo’s unique style

Who controls iTop development?

Combodo is the software company editing iTop. Developers are Combodo engineers. The reference community version is published by Combodo on SourceForge

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Contact us

If you are not a Combodo customer, the recommended way to get some support about iTop is via the SourceForge Forums. If you don’t get any answer from the community, you may leave us a message using the form below. Be aware that Combodo has no committment to answer such support questions. Combodo only offers some "best effort" support as a courtesy to the community.

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