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Download the new release by following this link.
Here is the list of the bugs corrected by iTop 2.2.1 maintenance version:

  • #1165: Backup with errors fills up tmp-directories with lots of backup-files
  • #1150: Spurious message "A restore is running. Please wait..."
  • #1174: Support of HTML fields in the bulk modify forms
  • #1153: Preserve leading zeroes in the Excel export ("numeric" fields)
  • #1183: Grouping threshold is now taken into account for "Depends on..." graphs (i.e. grouping backwards)
  • #1176: In the notifications, empty placeholders must be rendered as an empty string (restoring the behavior of the previous version)
  • Add/remove on 1-N links: Support of derived classes in "add_remove" edition mode for AttributeLinkSet fields (the search form was not refreshing / loading properly when toggling the class to search for).
  • Request templates: Not working if a field of type ENUM is specified as a list of values (as opposed to an OQL) and if one of the values contains special (accentuated) characters.
  • Tickets created from emails:
    • Support the emails without a subject
    • Automatic filtering of emails via the subject (regular expression) for the purpose of eliminating autoreplies.
  • Very advanced: fixed a compatibility issue, only for custom implementations of itop-standard-email-synchro