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16/01/2019 Tags : iTop

We are pleased to announce that 2.6 version of iTop is now available !

What’s new in iTop 2.6 ?

The features provided by the 2.6 version are :

- The tag attribute

It is now possible to tag an object with multiple values intuitively to show the domains involved. This feature allows you to search for objects having a given tag, apply or delete a tag to multiple objects.

- The dashboards

In iTop 2.6, a dashboard can be associated with an Organization, a Team, a Server... and display information about this specific object.

The Dashboard Menu is printable and can be sent to a virtual PDF printer.
Moreover, a user who has customized a Dashboard can switch back and force between his own customized version and the standard Dashboard.

- Constraints of uniqueness to prevent from duplicates among your data

- Be notified on significant object update or removal critical for your organization

Two new triggers have been added to meet the notifications requirements when updating or deleting an object.

- The Newsroom

Stay tuned and don’t miss the latest news ! Information such as the release of a new version of iTop, new extensions available on the iTop Hub Store or webinars will be sent as messages in your Newsroom.