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ITop CMDB Online Training

This course is for people who will be responsible for iTop functional implementation and management aimed at a configuration, infrastructure and organization management utilization.

The course is based on 30% of practical exercises which allows to use methods taught by the instructor.

The exercises are based on concrete cases of implementation such as the modeling of and application structure from the hardware up to business processes managing relations between components and users

Course details

Course Objectives
  • Customize iTop database data model
  • Adapt iTop features to correspond to specific process requirements
  • Know how to change UI layout
  • Develop extensions
Teaching method
  • This course is based on case studies
  • Theory: 70%
  • Practical: 30%
  • Application manager


  • 5 online sessions of 2 hours
  • 4 hours of personal exercises
  • Participants must be knowledgeable with SQL and data modeling; Linux and MySQL; PHP and XML

Course agenda

iTop introduction
  • iTop concepts presentation
Understand and use of the CMDB
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Software and business application Management
  • Impact and dependencies analysis
Use specialized components
  • Virtualized environments
  • Infrastructure and Storage components
  • End-user devices
Data import to iTop
  • Import concepts
  • Massive import management
  • Troubleshoot Import issues
iTop data model
  • Data model concepts et definitions
  • Navigate through the Data model
  • Organizations, locations and contacts management
  • Database audit
OQL query language
  • Definitions
  • OQL vs SQL
  • Execute and test OQL queries
Reporting with iTop data
  • Variants to create reports
  • Query phrasebook
  • Excel report example
  • SQL views of iTop
Data synchronization
  • Synchronization concepts
  • Import versus synchronization
  • Synchronization data source setup
  • Troubleshoot synchronization problems


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