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Dear Community,

We are happy to announce the release of iTop 2.7.2.

This new version of iTop, brings improvements related to security. In addition, it contains a new feature:

  • Massive import of iTop users, available to non-administrators via the "Admin Tools Delegation" extension.

Download iTop 2.7.2

Access Change Log

Six new extensions are available on the iTop Hub store !

During November, take advantage of our exclusive discount concerning all the extensions online :

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Attributes visual beautifier
Easily identify the status of an object by highlighting it.
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Workflow graphical view
Get a sneak peek of the object’s current workflow.
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Time tracking
Track your time easier.
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Menu Finder
Quick search within menu titles.
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Project management light
Do simple project management within iTop.
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Project management extended
Manage projects within iTop with risk assessment and date & tasks rebaseline when needed.
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